May 30, 2012

'Where I Wanna Live'

From Hayleah Knisley comes a poem that celebrates the way people are all different, yet also the same.  "In a world where everyone is different/Is where I wanna live"--I like that!  Hayleah is an eighth-grade student at Fairport Harding Middle School, Fairport Harbor, Ohio.  Thanks, Hayleah, for sending in your poem. 



Just because were different
We shouldn’t be killed

Just because of skin
Or hair or eye color
You will call me different
Just because you want to

Maybe I wanna be different
And not just like you
A clone or an exact copy

Because if everyone was the same
The world would be boring

Like Hitler and the Aryan race
Everyone should have a place

In a world where everyone is different
Is where I wanna live

Where there is a variety and color
Not just a big mass of gray

So what if we have brown eyes
Or black hair?

Doesn’t mean we are different
Because in reality
We are all the same

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