May 13, 2012

'Where Is The Good in Goodbye?'

This poem, from McKenna Marvin of Fairport Harbor, Ohio, includes lines to be savored and remembered.  Like:  "Where is the good in goodbye?" And:  ''Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye."  McKenna is an eighth grade student at Fairport Harding Middle School.  Thank you, McKenna! 

For my best friend
This is dead end
Joy and happiness, god may send.
I Cant imagine departing from you
You have given opportunities for me to do
I will always love and miss you too
I don’t want to admit that it’s the end
But I will never forget the times we shared
Whatever happens, I wish the best for you too.
The hardest part of a relationship is saying goodbye
No matter how bad you want it to stay the same
Change is always possible, you have to accept the change
Remember me and smile, for it is better to remember and cry
Where is the good in goodbye?
And why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye.
Now that the end is near
We reminisce old memories
Even on worse times.
Farewell to all my loved ones
For it is not the end of everything
I might not be here, but you’ll always be in my heart
Don’t cry, for this is not the last time we meet
We will always remember each other
And cherish every second together.

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