March 28, 2012

Imagining Goodbye

Tori Sanborn, a student at Fairport Harding Middle School, wrote a series of brief verses imagining the goodbyes she would have to say if she had been displaced by the Holocaust.  In these verses, she bids farewell to friends, family, cat, and dog before emigrating to a new country.  For example:

I miss you now
I have not even left
For those I have loved
And those whom I have lost
I love you so
And always will

Tori also wrote this longer poem about The Year of Goodbyes:

This part in life
Was a difficult fright
For all Jews and Germans
What a sight to see
How this book touched me
And how this was a sight
It took me back to where
This first act
Has made it apart of me
This scary moment of everyone's life
Was a such a sight to see
This book was great
With a little shock
On what was happening next
This part of me came out to see
On what was out in sight
The holocaust was scary
And I do not know how they could live
But they made it through
And became free
In the wonderful land of the free

Thank  you, Tori.

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