March 16, 2012

'Those Terrible Goodbyes'

We've been together forever, or so it seems
But now we're apart, with no way to be together
We know each other’s secrets that we will keep for a life time
Throughout all the pain and troubles we will overcome

Being apart will be the hardest thing we've ever done
We'll fight to the finish for us to be together again
Even though we aren't together now
We'll make the best of it throughout time

We know that it is going to be tough
But we are willing to fight for our friendship
Life is going to be difficult when we are apart
But life will be better as soon as we are together again

We have known that we will have to be apart
But now that the day has come, we are not ready
We are not ready to say our goodbyes
To watch us separate with no way to fight 

Finally as we realize that our time has come
We say our final goodbyes, but hopefully not for long
We always hope and pray for the days that we will reunite
But hope that we will never again have to say those terrible goodbyes

Farewells are such a central theme in The Year of Goodbyes. This poem from 14-year-old Taylor Wilson of Fairport Harbor, Ohio, really captures the emotion behind that theme.  Thank you, Taylor, for honoring "those terrible goodbyes."

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