March 11, 2012

'They Were Happy, They Were Loved'

Thirteen-year-old Sarah Kazsmer of Fairport Harbor, Ohio, uses poetic meter and rhyme to take the reader back to the harrowing times before and during World War II.  "They all see now that it is too late," she writes, "The Nazis have closed the doors of hate."  Many thanks, Sarah, for your thoughtful and beautiful poem.

Europe peacefully lay in bed
In the attempt to clear their heads;
Clear it of their tears and clear it of sorrow
From the worries of what might happen tomorrow;

The worries that what they had today
Could very soon be taken away;
Nazis could come and take everything
To a place where there are no songs to sing;

Jews that are taken fear for their lives
For they know this is the place where no one survives;
They all see now that it is too late
The Nazis have closed the doors of hate;

Soon all that will be left is their clothes and shoes
And as the Nazis see it, no more issues;
Scared to death they say their goodbyes
And then there are no more teary eyes;

No more smiles and no more songs
Was this meant to happen all along?
No, they were happy, they were loved,
But I guess none of that was ever enough.

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