June 29, 2012

Celebrating Differences

From Stephanie Morgan, here's a poem celebrating differences among people.  Stephanie, of Fairport Harbor, Ohio, sent me this poem this past spring when she read The Year of Goodbyes in her eighth grade English class at Fairport Harding Middle School.  I especially like the last three lines of her poem:  "I would rather live/In a world of different people/Than be in a world with clones."
People who hurt others
For how they look
Is not good.
We all have a right
To be who we want to be.
People shouldn’t tell us
Who we can or cannot be.
Everyone is the same
In certain ways.
But we are also different
In many ways
Everyone is different somehow.
No one should tell us
What we should look like
Or how tall we should be.
There are more different people
Than there are the same.
I would rather live
In a world of different people
Than be in a world with clones.

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