July 11, 2012

Goodbye Friend, Goodbye Brother

Zak Carrabine is a student at Fairport Harding High School in Fairport Harbor, Ohio.  He wrote this group of poems in which he imagines saying goodbye to various people, from friend to coach to enemy.  The personal tone he strikes in his poems makes them very believable and real, don't you think?  Thanks, Zak, for sending me your work.

Goodbye Friend  
We have had good times
And some bad times
But I will never forget you
Goodbye friend
Goodbye partner

Goodbye Brother
You were always there- a good friend
And you were always there for me
But it is time to say goodbye

You were the best coach ever
And you never let the team down
And now it is all ruined

Teachers were mean
But you were nice
And now we will never see each other again

Hello cousin
Even though I’m leaving you will still be with me
Goodbye cousin

Hello enemy
Even though we dislike each other
I think it is appropriate to say goodbye

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