July 26, 2012

'You Do Matter'

Don’t lose hope
There is always something to dream for,
Always smile
Because smiles are what beckon happiness into your life
Keep your family near
Because one day you may lose them
Laugh and share the good times as well as the bad
Cry together, laugh together,
Stay together always
And don’t let anyone or anything come between you and your family
No matter what
Always dream for a bright future
The most you can do is try
Everything happens for a reason,
But you can change your future
Be brave, be strong, be wise,
And have heart
No matter what they say
You are loved
And you have a purpose in this world
Never give up, always fight
You do matter

Promise you’ll remember these things
You won’t have me around anymore

Katie Hennessey of Fairport Harbor, Ohio writes that The Year of Goodbyes inspired her to compose this poem.  In turn, I find her poem inspiring!  I like the optimism and feeling reflected in her writing, and especially enjoyed these lines:  "You are loved/And you have a purpose in the this world/Never give up, always fight/You do matter."  Everyone should hear words like this.

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