October 3, 2012

'No Matter What It Takes?'

This poem comes from Trenton Starkey, a student in Fairport Harbor, Ohio.  He reflects on the need to move forward despite problems and setbacks--but also to keep the past in mind.  Sound advice!

As night falls every day.
Day follows its way.
People walking in the streets.
A very common thing.
People go along there day.
Doing something somewhere.
People roam around.
Looking each way.
We are all the same.
But in many different ways.
We remember the past.
But move on to the future.
We learn from our mistakes.
We may try to ignore them.
But we should just fix them.
The past is the past.
And the future looks great.
There’s always going to be problems.
We must move on.
No matter what it takes?

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