October 23, 2012

'Why Do We Fight?'


Why do we fight?
Fighting for property
Fighting for reason
Fighting for financial gain
Get tried for treason
War is pointless
For I cannot see
Fighting doesn’t help
A country be what it ought to be
The Brave men and women
Who risk their lives for us
Who give everything away
Strangers who we can trust
Think about the families
And the poor broken hearts
Who would of thought standing up for what you love
Would tear those families apart
I wish it would end
All this pointless misery
It’s funny how we encourage violence
Why can’t it all be history?

In this poem, Amy Allison poses a difficult and frustrating question:  Why do we fight?  She thoughtfully identifies some of the reasons for wars, as well as some of the tragic consequences.  Amy is a student at Fairport Harding High School in Fairport Harbor, Ohio.  I hope she continues to question and think and formulate answers to hard questions as she continues her studies.

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