May 6, 2013

'I Won't Be Weak'

Why do people have fear?
Fear is weakness.
Why are you afraid of something?
There are very few things to be afraid of.
The only things that should be scary is life or death
Like losing your mother or father
Or just losing.
Those are the only things that are expectable of being afraid of.
But if those aren’t the things you’re afraid of than what is the reason?
The reason could be that something happened to you as an infant.
Or just scared of what could happen.
But that makes you weak,
But not me.
I won’t be afraid of anything besides losing my parents.
I won’t be weak.
And in doing so I inspire others to face their fears and not be weak.

Terrell Becks, the author of this poem, is a 14-year-old eighth grader at Fairport Harding School in Fairport Harbor, Ohio.  In responding to The Year of Goodbyes, he focuses on the issue of fear.  Terrell expresses a resolve to be strong in the face of adversity, "so I inspire others to face their fears."  I hope he is a role model for others, and wish him much strength, as well as compassion for those who experience fear and weakness.  Thanks, Terrell, for your poem.

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