September 19, 2012

'Pain Is The Other Half Of Relief'

Pain is the other half of relief
Because you suffered
And felt the pain of life
You were able to feel sweet relief
Options are the foundation of life
When you choose anything from where to eat
Or from what religion to practice
Your life will build and work around your choices
Everyone and everything is worth something
You were outcast because they thought you were nothing
But everyone and everything is important
And we all have a role on this Earth
Frieden und Gl├╝ck
Peace and happiness

There is so much about this poem from Casey Hites that I admire, from the insight it demonstrates to the language to the tone.  I love the opening line:  "Pain is the other half of relief."  It immediately gets the reader thinking and feeling.  Casey goes to Fairport Harding High School in Fairport Harbor, Ohio.  She wrote this poem last spring when she was in eighth grade.

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