September 7, 2012

'Staying Strong Is The Only Thing To Do'

Saying goodbyes is the hardest thing to do
Even if it’s the best for you.
Whether it’s your dog or your mom
Just remain calm
Everything will be fine
After you get it out of your mind.
Remember the moments you had
Weather they are good or bad.
Sometimes staying strong is the only thing to do
When you don’t know what to do.
Keep your loved one in your heart
and make sure your decisions are smart.
It’s not your fault that they are gone
Keep your head up and stay brawn.
Don’t let it affect your future
But don’t forget the past.
It’s okay to cry
So don’t be shy.
You will soon forget
but You will not regret.

This poem is by Tabby Krall, who wrote it in her eighth-grade English class last school year.  I find a lot of wisdom in the thoughts she expresses.  Also:  Nice work on all those rhyming couplets!  Many thanks to Tabby, of Fairport Harbor, Ohio, for sending me her work.

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