November 19, 2013

'Nothing But Forward'

From Caleb Hites of Fairport Harding School in Ohio comes this poem about moving forward in the face of hardship.  "To keep going, keep moving," the poem counsels.  "Life goes on. . . . It wants to move on/Do you?"  Thank you, Caleb, for this poem of encouragement.

Life goes on
It may get difficult
But you have to have the strength
To keep going, keep moving
Nothing but forward
Never move back
If you move back
Did you lose all progress?
Is that ultimate failure?
Yes it is
Life goes on
When you are ready
It doesn’t move back
Unless you force it that way
It wants to move on
Do you?
Forget the past
And all your bad memories
Make the future
And all the good ones will come

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