January 23, 2014

'Nothing Ever Comes Free'

From Katie Coon, a high school student in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, come two poems--one about saying goodbye, and the other about the sacrifices that freedom sometimes requires. 

If I had to say goodbye
To the ones I love the most
I would raise my glass, and give them a toast

How do you say goodbye
To the ones you love
Way way up above

Violence is like cancer
It spreads like wildfire
It hurts everything
That comes into its path

It’s so hard to say goodbye

To those we care about
We want the best for them
Without a doubt


The freedom we have today
Comes with a hefty price
For the people who came before us
Made the ultimate sacrifice

Always do the best you can do
Strive to be the best you can be
Because nothing ever comes free

We stand for what we believe in
Our hearts are true and free
We take pride in our freedom
The freedom for you and me


Many thanks, Katie, for sending your verses.

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